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The Survey Division is headed by a Chief Surveyor who has under his responsibility the management of State Lands in general, a Cadastre Implementation Unit, a Hydrography Unit. The staff includes Deputy Chief Surveyors, Principal Surveyors, Senior Surveyors, Surveyors and support staff consisting of Surveying and Mapping Assistants, Plans and Records Officer. Also under the Chief Surveyor's responsibility is a Cartography Section headed by a Chief Cartographer and supporting staff.

Its activities are governed mainly by the State Lands Act, the Pas Géométriques Act , the Land Surveyor's Act and the Land Acquisition Act .


Importance of the Survey Division 

The importance of the Division lies in the fact that land is the basis for all human activity. It is the starting point for all developments in the country. Its role is to provide information on available State Lands that may be disposed of for various types of development, to guide decision makers. Where State Lands are not available, as is most often the case, the Division helps in identifying privately owned lands for acquisition. Once the go ahead is obtained for the acquisition, the Division takes the front stage in all the legal procedures up to payment of compensation to the owners.​