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The Town Planners' Council Act 2022

The Real Estate Agent Authority Act 2020

Proclamation No. 10 of 2020​

​​Amendment to State Land Act​​​

Land Acquisition Amendment Act 2013​

Proclamation and Regulations under the Cadastral Survey Act 2011​​

Proclamation No. 26 of 2013​

​Proclamation No. 27 of 2013​​​

Cadastral Survey (Land Surveys) Regulations 2013​

Cadastral Survey (Land Surveys in Rodrigues) Regulations 2013​

Cadastral Land Survey (Registration of Memorandum of Survey and Survey report in Rodrigues) Regulations 2013

The Cadastral Survey Act 2011

Proclamation of Section 19 of Part III of the Planning and Development Act 2004 ​

State Lands Act​

State Lands (Amendment of Schedule) (No. 2) ​​Regulations 2023​​

Pas Géométriques Act​

Land Acquisition Act​

State Land Alienation Act​

Land Surveyors Act​

Land ( Duties and Taxes ) Act​

Removal of Sand Act ​

Prescription of Landed property​

The Morcellement Act

Town and Country Planning Act

Planning and Development Act

Building Act
Plaisance Airport ( Building ​Restrictions )​

Sugar Industry Efficiency Act

Fair Rent Tribunal ​

Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 2020

Landlord and Tenant ( Amendment) Act No.22 of 2017

Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act No.21 of 2009​​

Landlord and Tenant(Amendment) Act No.5 of 2005

Landlord and Tenant Act​ No.6 of 1999

Town and Country Planning Act  (Act 6 of 1954 - 30 April 1954)


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