​Housing Division

​(i) How do I Apply for a NHDC Unit?
​Interested persons should call at the NHDC Ltd situated at 4th floor, Royal Complex, St Ignace Street, Rose Hill, Tel No:  (230) 466 5556/7

They should bring along the following documents:
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • Marriage Certificate (if any)
  • Death Certificate (if applicable)
  • Recent Payslips or other proofs of income
  • Pension card (if any)
  • Most recent PEL A/C receipt and/or Bank Statement
  • CEB/CWA bills

(ii) What are the eli​​gibility criteria to obtain a NHDC Unit?
​​The eligibility criteria for the applicants to be allocated a housing unit
are as follows:-
  • not be owner of a house ( including NHDC or CHA house );
  • not own a residential plot of land;
  • not hold a residential plot of State Land by lease;
  •  not have been granted any Government sponsored loan by MHC Ltd;
  • not have benefited from any Government grant for the casting of a
  • roof slab and for purchase of building materials; and
  • not have received any financial assistance from Government or any
  • form of assistance for housing purposes.

The income eligibility criteria is as follows:

Household Income
Payment by ​Beneficiaries
Government Subsidy
​< Rs 10,000
Rs 10,001 – Rs 15,000
​Rs 15,001 – Rs 20,000 
Rs 20,001 – Rs 25,000
Rs 25,001 – Rs 30,000

For further information, refer to the website of the NHDC Ltd at

Planning Section

(i) How to apply for a planni​ng cle​arance to construct on a State Land leased to you ( e.g a building site, hotel site )
Submit an application letter stating clearly what you are intending to construct and that you require planning clearance and submit as well two sets of all architectural plans ( structural plans are not required ). The letter should be addressed to the - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning,  Ebène Tower, Cybercity, Ebène.
For any clarifications and information, phone the Public Relations Unit  on Telephone Number (230) 401 6808.​

Morcellement unit

Is it mandatory that a​pplication for a Morcellement Permit is made by a Land Surveyor or can I submit the application, myself, as owner?

​An application for a Morcellement Permit can be made as follows:

1) the owner himself submits the application online;

2) the owner can authorize another person to submit application online on his behalf accompanied by consent letter signed by al​l co-owners and IDs.​