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​​Guidelines on Application for Reduction in Rental for Hotels under Reconstruction/Renovation 

1.      Section 8 in the Second Schedule, Part II, of the State Lands Act provides that “where a hotel suspends its operation for the purpose of renovation or reconstruction, the annual rental shall be reduced where the renovation or reconstruction occurs during the period from –

    1. 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2020, by 50 per cent;
    2. 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022, by 100 per cent; and
    3. 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023, by 50 per cent,

      during the period of renovation or reconstruction, as the case may be, calculated on a pro rata basis, provided that –

  1. (i)      the hotel had opted for a lease granted under section 6(1C) pursuant to section 6(1E); and​
    (ii)     the employment and period of service of all the employees of the hotel in respect of the period of renovation or reconstruction are safeguarded and preserved by the hotel."


2.      A Lessee who intends to take advantage of the scheme should make an application to this Ministry on the application form available on the "downloads" section of the website of this Ministry (


3.      The following documents should be submitted in three copies along with the application form: 

(i)           In case of a company, copy of resolution; 

(ii)          Artistic impressions; 

(iii)         Plan showing modification of architectural design; 

(iv)         In case of reconstruction, copy of new master plan (if any); and 

(v)          In case of reconstruction, copy of layout plans.


4.      Application should be made by the lessee at least two (2) months prior to planned closure. In case of force majeure, consideration may be given to reducing/waiving the two months' timeframe.


5.      The  duly  filled  in  application  form  together  with  all  supporting  documents (in 3 copies) should be sent to this ministry at the following address: 


Senior Chief Executive

Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning

Ebene Tower, Plot 52 Ebene, Cybercity