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​Planning Clearance

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Description of ​the service

The Planning Clearance is a clearance letter on plans of developments on State Lands.

How it is attained/achieved?

The Lessee of the State Land is required by the conditions of the lease agreement to submit buildings plans of his development for approval.

Exemption from Planning Clearance

Applications for small projects on Leased State Land such as agricultural sites, building/CHA sites (including erection of boundary walls and renovation/extension, residential cum commercial sites/ small-scale developments, socio-cultural sites) are exempted from Planning Clearance.
Lessees falling under the abovementioned categories should apply directly to the relevant local authorities for a Building and Land Use Permit.

Contact Person

The Public Relations Unit
Tel No (230) 401 6808


Reply from the Ministry for the execution of the request
1-3 Months 



Description of the service
The National Development Strategy Report is a twenty year vision for the strategic development of Mauritius.
The Report is available in hard copy and soft copy on CDROM at the Store Office. Price Rs 2000(excluding packing and posting).
Store Office,
2nd Floor, Ebène Tower,
Cybercity, Ebène.

Contact Person
Assistant Manager Procurement and Supply.
Tel No: (230) 401 6808 / (230) 468 1718​​