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​​Town and Country Planning Board

The Town and Country Planning Board was established by the Town and Country Planning Act, 1954 (Act No. 6 of 1954) which provides for a planned and orderly development of land over the island, whether urban or rural.​

Functions of the Board   

​To recommend to the President of the Republic to bring under Planning Control, after consultation with the Local Authority ​concerned (District Council and Municipal Council), any area which it feels need to be properly and progressively developed.
​To recommend to the President the appointment of the Local authority as Planning Committee for the area concerned
​To prepare Outlines Schemes and to examine Detailed Schemes in respect of declared planning areas after consultation with the Local Authority.
​To advise the Minister of directions to be given to Planning Committees for the execution and enforcement of Outline Schemes.
​In cases where a development contravenes an Outline or Detailed Scheme that is being prepared, to direct the Local Authority concerned to cancel the permit and to ask the Court to order the developer to restore the land to the state it was before the unlawful development.
​To apply to the President for the revocation or modification of an Outline Scheme.​
​To consider any demand from the Local Authorities for revocation or modification of a Detailed Scheme.​
​To hear the appeal of any person aggrieved by the decision of a Local Authority that a building or work contravenes an outline scheme or detailed scheme.

Our Services:
            Sale of Outline Scheme
Cost of one copy of Outline Scheme – Rs5000
Contact Person for Town and Country Planning Board
Acting Administrative Manager
​Mr G. Hauradhun
Administration, 1st Floor, Ebene Tower, Ebene Cybercity
Tel No: (230) 401 6808 Ext 2168/2187
Fax No: (230) 468 1775
Email: s​