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Ministry of Housing & Lands
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New Incentive for Residential Development

Description of the service

Land Owners are offered the options of turning to residential use, land which would otherwise be frozen for development.

Conditions attached

The land must be classified as 'non-agricultural' under the Sugar Industry Efficiency Act;
It must have access to main infrastructure lines and built up areas so as to make use of existing amenities and facilities;
Developers should put up all basic infrastructure (i.e water,roads and electricity) on the site approved for residential development;
The minimum area of any proposed development should be about 2 arpents;
25% of the acreage approved for development should be disposed of to households of the lower income group who are not owners of any residential plot of land or other immovable property.  The sale price thereof shall be determined by the Government. As one of the main objectives of the scheme is to bring on the market affordable residential land.  A beneficiary household shall not be authorised to sell its plot and/or unit before five years;
Developers are expected to provide houses for any income category on the remaining 75% of the land or part thereof and would be able to parcel out and sell the unbuilt part; and 
Individual buyers of land under the scheme will be urged to develop their plots in an orderly and aesthetic manner and as intensively as possible. 

Procedures of application


Applicant should send the letter of application to the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Ebene Tower, Ebene, Mauritius.


Applicant should have former clearance from the Planning Division and clearance from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Contact Person

Principal Housing Development Officer (Mr Prakash Ramchurn), 2nd floor, Ebene Tower, Ebene.

Telephone No : 4016808, email address :

Reply from the Ministry for the execution of the request : 3 months