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Ministry of Housing & Lands
Ministry of Housing & Lands>Services>Application for a Morcellement Permit

Application for a Morcellement Permit

     1.    Filling of the appropriate form for Morcellement Permit
2.    Filling  of the application form for Development Permit
3.  Submission of forms by the applicant at the Morcellement Unit and payment of appropriate Processing fee as well as screening  of same at the time of submission by officers of the Unit
4.   If all documents are in order, the application form is collected by the Unit and forwarded to all authorities forming part of the Morcellement Board for their views.
5.   Upon receipt of views, the respective application is examined at the level of the Morcellement Board and if same satisfies all planning requirements it is recommended to the Minister for his approval for issue of a Letter of Intent to enable infrastructural works or for approval for issue of a Morcellement Permit for applications pertaining to Agricultural purpose.
6.   A Morcellement Permit is issued to the applicant upon payment of the appropriate Morcellement Fee.
Processing fee
For Residential/ Commercial Purpose
Up to 8500 m2
Rs 250
Above 8500 m2
Rs 500
Above 21000 m2
Rs 1000
For Agricultural Purpose
Rs 250
Morcellement fee
Residential purpose up to 7 lots
Rs 15/m2
Residential purpose above 7 lots
Rs 30/m2
Rs 10/m2
Both Residential – Commercial/Industrial
Rate (i) & (ii) applies resp
Agricultural purpose
Cash Office is open between 0900 hrs and 1430 hrs