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Cartography Section




Sales of Maps
Sales of Aerial Imagery
Mauritius Index to Orthophoto
Application for purchase of Digital Maps
Download Sale Agreement Contract for Digital Maps/Aerial Imagery on CD/DVD



 About the Cartography Section

The primary objective of the Section is to prepare and produce topographic and thematic maps for the Republic of Mauritius using aerial photographs and aerial imagery. It also provides geographic information and mapping support to Government Departments and Para-Statal bodies. The Cartography Section is headed by a Chief Cartographer who has under his responsibility all areas of Cartography, Photogrammetry, the Air Photo Library, Plans and Records Office and Plan Printing Office. The staff includes Principal Cartographers, Cartographers/Senior Cartographers and other supporting staff.

The Section aims at providing up to date spatial data and better quality services to map users' community.


Services of the Section  

The Section is acting as the national mapping agency for Mauritius. It produces and provides, inter alia, accurate and up-to-date geographic data for use by Government, business and members of the public as listed hereunder:


​Production and revision of 3D large scale digital maps using aerial photographs;

Preparation of high-quality thematic maps;
Updating and maintaining the Digital Cadastral Database (LAVIMS);
Producing GIS data and providing expertise in Cartographic and GIS services;
Providing customized mapping and charting support for Government projects;
Processing request for permission to reproduce copyrighted maps; and
Insertion of survey plans in lease deeds.
 Sales of Maps  
 The Section is repository for a wide range of mapping products including historic aerial photographs and GIS data. Copies of published maps are 
 on sale and the services include the following items:
​Topographic and thematic maps in both hard and soft copies
Aerial photographs (B&W historic aerial photographs)
​Aerial Imagery and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in ASCII format
Navigational Charts
GIS Data
Copies of Maps 
​1/100,000 scale series which is an all-purpose map showing general topography of Mauritius and is available in one mapsheet.
​1/25,000 scale series is the most demanding topographic map covering the whole island in 13 mapsheets as it features more information than the 1/100,000 map.
​1/2,500 large scale map series features topographic data at much greater details. Only part of Mauritius is mapped at this scale. One mapsheet displays an area of 1 km. X 2 km. and contours are shown at 2m vertical interval.
​Thematic maps at various scales.
​Navigational charts produced by the Indian National Hydrographic Office.
​Maps of administrative boundaries.
​Street maps of the City and Towns.
​Outer islands.
​Other published cartographic materials.
Digital Data Products  
To purchase digital data product, user may call at the Ministry to fill in the Application Form and sign a Sale Agreement Contract in duplicate to safeguard Government copyright. The Application Form and the Sale Agreement Contract can be downloaded. All the digital products that can be obtained including their approved prices are also listed. They include : 
​Various types of maps in vectors available in AutoCAD or .dxf format.
​Aerial photographs scanned on required resolution in jpeg format.
​GIS mapping data
Aerial Photographs
Contact prints of all aerial photographic coverage of the island of different years are in the custody of this Ministry. Hard and soft copies of these photographs can be obtained against payment of a fee.
Permission to use our copyrighted maps
Request to use our maps in any publication should be made to the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry. Publication permissions are granted against payment of approved fee.
We will respond to your telephone queries. Your Fax queries will be acknowledged within three
working days.

The above information is of general nature, for more details please contact the Cartography Section
during office hours at Level 3, Ebène Tower, Plot 52, Cybercity, EBENE.

Tel : 468 1755. Fax : 454 6608. Email :