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Ministry of Housing & Lands

Morcellement Board

About the Morcellement Board
The Morcellement unit forms part of the Ministry of Housing and Lands.  Its functions consist in dealing with applications for morcellement , i.e. the division of a plot of land into two or    more lots. Excision of only one plot of land is approved by Local Authorities, provided either the lot excised or the remainder of the land is further parcelled out within twelve months. Otherwise, a morcellement permit is necessary.

  Guidelines for Morcellement Permit
Procedural Guidelines for Morcellement Permit
Technical Guidelines for Residential Morcellement Development
Checklist for Application for Morcellement Permit


The Morcellement Act
  The Morcellement Act
Morcellement Permits are delivered by the Morcellement Unit on the recommendations of the Morcellement Board which comprises representatives of the following:
Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping ,

Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources ,

Ministry of Health and Quality of Life ,

Ministry of Local Government & Rodrigues ,

Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit,

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development,

Central Water Authority ,

Central Electricity Board ,

Wastewater Management Authority and

Local Authorities.
Processing fees of Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000, depending on the extent of land to be parcelled out and morcellement fees of Rs 10.00 per square metre for residential/commercial/industrial subdivisions and Rs 5.00 per square  metre for agricultural subdivisions are payable.  
Head of Section: Mrs. S. Seetohul
Address: Morcellement Unit,
                      Level 1, 52 Ebene Tower
                     Cybercity 1, Ebène               


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